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Easy Buddy

The dust seems to have settled. Now, I think I can get up ,take a deep breath, clear my head and look within to find some answers. So this blog is certainly not  riding that wave.

Firstly, after two feeble attempts, I could not make anything of the Jan lokpal curry. Its gravy is too thick for me to swallow. Secondly, I don’t like most of team Anna besides Kiran Bedi and Anna Hazare.The rest are there to purloin and hog the limelight through rhetoric and hyperbole. And what did we expect from the government? Roll over on its back and expose its belly when confronted? According to  experts, the government’s draft was rubbish( I cannot say, for I don’t understand anything) and despite that, they  believed in only self promotion.To me, it appeared an extremely foolish thing to do and  made me  wonder whether people inside were in a mood to destroy their own image. Not surprisingly and for good, came a classic tussle for power. In the whole drama and for a  denouement of Anna’s breakfast  everybody overlooked the most basic aspect of human nature. The need for control.

I challenge  you to ask your father for a blank cheque. Better still, give one to your diamond obsessed wife ( I can do this, for I know mine can only splurge on books, movies and my little son’s clothes. but  there isn’t much money in my account ). The need to control is in all of us and expression of power is also an expression of one’s existence. It is the foundation of one’s entity. You are asking  those who have risen to a seat in the Parliament to share power with you? Are you nuts? They have sacrificed a lot, including shame to reach where they are  and they are not going  to give in without a fight. Well! Anna dared and they have, seemingly, relented ( for now). Don’t expect miracles and don’t be surprised if the issue is lost in the creative cobwebs of  legal spiders.

Its like asking your dad for a joint account and a signed cheque book.

Then it has taken a long time for me to understand corruption. You see I have a lot of cracked programs on my computer. I can justify their presence with some clever argument. Everything can be justified.One can cheat on one’s wife or  husband, wage wars, kill female fetuses, clear out  a rain forest, shoot a black buck to celebrate new year’s eve, marry one’s  twelve year old daughter and much more.One can do all this, but he who has stolen thousands of crores is a bigger cheat because cheating must be only measured in money.  My thousands of rupees worth of illegal programs is much less than thousands of crores of his graft, so I have the right to raise slogans, swing national flag vigorously and participate in an anti corruption rally .We reserve the right to mundify the corrupt politician but refuse to see a reflection.

We should cheat equally.

When I reached Ramlila ground, I knew I would meet the rascal, the patriot,and the hypocrite.

I met thousands, but  didn’t expect to see a party happening there. People served free water, kachauris, biscuits and information on how the rich and the powerful have looted the poor.

Then there were those in an illusion that the movement will solve some issue in their village.

Poor fellows came from afar, heard some eloquent speeches and then settled on the ground with their hookas. Some just moved away, still disillusioned but with a steady hand holding the national flag, making plans to draw the attention of organizers on some more important matters at hand.

Children and grown ups colored their faces in the tri- color.

Posters were a plenty and generally the mood was abuzz with controlled aggression  towards the powers above.

Agreed! But first look within I say. Gandhiji said very aptly,” be the change that you wish for.” So now my ultimate conclusion is that corruption is merely another name for weakness. Rather corruption is weakness manifested in action to benefit the self. Wow! your weakness working for you. Must be easy to be corrupt. It is! ask Ravana. His last words to Rama and Laxmana were,” I’ve learned a lot of things in life, but now at this time I wish to tell you this. Of all the things which were bad for me, came very easily ,and all the things which were  good, I had to work hard for ”

I swear, as soon as I have enough money I’m going to pay for all those stolen programs on my computer. Till then I’ll use them with a little guilt.

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