Photography and other experiences.

Sweet Light of December


Winter  is here and she has brought gold to sprinkle in the morning. Never mind the smog which hit us in November, it was just a passing mood, reminding us that nothing is permanent other than the grace of benevolent mother. Sariska

This joy is shared by all. Dew drops brush your feet and suddenly you find there is hardly a shadow worth seeking. The bush and the bough entice with their drawings, but  this is the time to enjoy open light.


For photographers it is paradise. After the ordeal of summer, finally we can wake up late and still float in the ‘golden hour’.



The temptation to hoot inside the tunnel persists,  for everything I say is much louder between walls. There was a nest of wasps here and they didn’t bother anyone going through. Someone has burnt it now to banish them somewhere else. I hope they are safe and sound.


Mustard is still two months away from harvest, now it looks as if its beautiful flowers are rolled along with the morning light as millions of yellow dice on the board. The pocked, scratched and weathered Peepul must be happy to see the spectacle from above. I’m sure it has seen many a season of mustard grow under its parasol and has not tired of it.


It is cool, but not cold enough to wear pants, though I prefer to stick with convention.


There is still half of December left and I hope to see most of it in a gold day dream and  make use of it to the fullest. It is inspiring, fulfilling and illuminating. Thank you December for your lovely light.



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