Photography and other experiences.

Dogs at the beach

As expected at this time of the year, the sea and the sky were a picture of agitation . The beach, meanwhile was serene and strong taking all the blows from the sea in heat, calmly.

Water at most times was like molten metal, sunlight was fugacious,clouds were ripe, people were happy and dogs nonchalant.

By their very nature, dogs became an important context in my photographs to hang the background . They also make good company, but a lot of times it appeared as if they were over seeing work of some great importance. Calmly holding their society together and living their lives peacefully at the beach, it made me wonder whether this was true contentment?

Who cares what is in the water! As long as I get my siesta.

Did you tell me something about monsoons?

My friend and I .

The catch is somewhere else. How often have I tried to explain, but he never listens.

Sometimes it takes people out to the sea, when it is more convenient for me here.

We are all in it together.

This last picture was shot in a sharp drizzle. I wondered whether Goa has made these guys so laid back that they didn’t bother leaving the beach to a safer location. Most shacks were lying empty and unattended and they could have holed out in any of them.

I was happy to see them. Mostly quiet, friendly and observant, they made sure that sanity prevailed at the beach amidst loud revelers.


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  1. bharati

    Exquiste pictures

    November 10, 2011 at 10:10 pm

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