Photography and other experiences.


It is eccentric and  intimidating  when it comes to you like a noisy trolling wave.

Then it stings you with miniscule  million jabs which are more of a humourous tickle than anything serious. After that it recedes, sulking, threatening to remove the very ground below your feet.

All of it happens again, minutes later and again and again making you wonder how silly it is, and how futile!

But to misunderstand it as Quixotic display of  bravado would be to deny  the love it bestows upon you.

Step out and notice.

How much larger it is than you are.

Imagine the creatures and their thoughts, fears,joy and emotion that it carries deep within itself.Many more times than anybody can experience in his lifetime.

From far left to the right and way beyond the eye can see right in front of you, this choppy silly behemoth is forever doing something to give a part of itself, so the wind can carry it deep within the land to give you life.


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